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What is fudge dust?

These are the crumbs that occur after we have broken up the fudge by hand. We sell them to cake makers and ice cream sellers. 

We always have Vanilla and Salted fudge dust but please ask for other flavours and we will let you know if we have any. 

What do you do with the fudge dust?

- Sprinkle on  Porridge, Yoghurt, Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Hot Chocolate

But you can also:


Mix in with your crumble over your Apples, plums or rhubard

Add to your cheesecake base or sprinkle on top

Sprinkle on your trifle

Mix in to your chocolate brownie mix 

But you tell us what you would do with it !

Watch out for our competition to win prizes when you tell us what you do with your fudge dust. 

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