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Vanilla Fudge Bags 100g

Vanilla Fudge Bags 100g


Vanilla Fudge made with milk, butter and sugar. Vanilla is added and that is it. Handmade in our Megs Cottage in the Market town of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire. Our fudge is the traditional snappy fudge with a creamy buttery finish - just like your grandma use to make! It is made fresh each week by our small team.

All our fudge is Gluten free.

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  • Product information and care

    This is a fresh product that is made weekly. It is gluten free. It has no preservatives in it so needs to be kept in a cool place and eaten within the best before date. 

    Do not expose to direct sunlight and do not keep it in a warm place. 

    It does not need to be kept in the fridge but it can be store there.


  • Allegens and Ingredients


    Sugar, Butter (Milk), evaporated milk (Milk) (Containing stabilizers, carrageen, sodium phosphates, vitamin D) Vanilla extract

    Allergen Notice:

    No Additives, preservatives or colourings.

    Our fudge contains Milk, which is an allergen

    The Maple and Pecan Fudge contains nuts 

    Christmas Pudding, Whisky, Rum & Raisin, all contain alcohol

    Our fudge is Gluten free 



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